Imran Khan likens inaction over Kashmir to appeasing Hitler, he said Modi need to listen this that every response shall be equally retaliated. It’s time to teach them a lesson. Click on the link to see full news on BAADBAN TV

As the Independence Day of Pakistan is being celebrated as the Kashmir Solidarity Day on August 14, Prime Minister Imran Khan warned India of a strong response if it attempted to attack Azad and Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and that international organisations would be responsible if the war breaks out between the two nuclear-armed rivals.

The premier addressed the Legislative Assembly of AJK in Muzaffarabad on Wednesday amid soaring tensions with arch-rival India over occupied-Kashmir disputed territory.

Regarding the possibility of war with India amid simmering tensions, Prime Minister Imran Khan said: “Modi has played his last card and it will cost him a heavy price, and he will be paid back in his own coin.”

“The entire nation and Pakistan Army is ready for it,” he said, while stating that judges in India were afraid of Modi-led regime, and they have controlled media and the state of Kashmir has been locked down for the last 11 days.”

PM Khan revealed that Pakistan would take the matter to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) as Modi has thrown aside United Nations Security Council resolutions regarding the disputed terrority.

The premier stated that Modi’s ideology has defied his own constitution. “The entire world is worried about the people of Kashmir and looking towards [resolution] of the dispute.”

“A country isn’t destroyed by a war, instead through eradication of an ideology […] I will become Kashmir’s ambassador in the world by raising voice [in Kashmiris’ support],” he added.

“Gandhi was assassinated by this extremist ideology, it has roots in the history of India,” PM Khan said while expressing grave concerns over the ongoing intense oppression by Indian armed forces in occupied-Kashmir.

“RSS’s ideology that promotes hatred against Muslims and minorities has been inspired from Hitler and Modi is a member of it […] they believe that there’s no place of Muslims in India,” the premier mentioned, adding “There is no conflict of interests with India, we stand [against] this ideology.”

While recalling the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat of India, the premier said: “Pakistan was created based on an ideology [of two nation theory] whereas Muslims in India are living in a state of fear.”

“We have exposed BJP’s and Modi’s real face in front of the world while we’re confronting the dangerous ideology of RSS,” PM Khan said while expressing unity with Kashmiris.

“Today the people of Kashmir have been undergoing severe difficulties,” PM Khan said.

Upon his arrival, the premier was presented the guard of honour by AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider and President Masood Khan.

According to sources, the premier, accompanied by several ministers, is also scheduled to hold meeting with the leaders of the All Parties Hurriyat Conference in the Speaker Chamber. Besides, he will hold meetings with other political representatives.

PM Haider and the opposition leader in the AJK assembly also addressed the House.

The 73rd Independence Day is being observed as Kashmir Solidarity Day to express harmony and solidarity with Kashmiris in their recent plight during Indian oppression.

In the wake of the move, Pakistan has launched a diplomatic offensive aimed at reversing the order and formally asked the United Nations Security Council late Tuesday to hold an emergency session to address Indian illegal actions.

Pakistan has also expelled the Indian ambassador, halted bilateral trade and suspended cross-border transport services, however, analysts said the actions were unlikely to move Delhi.

The Indian part of the picturesque Himalayan state has been under lockdown for over a week with more than 9 lakh troops deployed in occupied-Kashmir and other towns and villages, with a curfew enforced across the region and phone and internet lines cut to quell potential unrest.

Earlier this week PM Khan lambasted the international community for failing to challenge India and said turning a blind eye to the spread of Indian Hindu nationalism was the same as appeasing Hitler