Biggest corrupt family is Shareef’s family. They’ve done most of it including money laundering. Family assets increased by 70pc in last 10 years. Click on the link to see full news on BAADBAN TV

During a press conference in Islamabad he said that a company namely GNC was made to do money laundering and the amount was transferred to different accounts before being withdrawn.

Shahzad Akbar said the illegal activities were carried out from the Chief Minister House and as many as 33 companies were made through TTs (telegraphic transfers). Both cash boys of Sharif family have been arrested, he claimed.

Shahzad Akbar has offered financial assistance to PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif to fight legal battle against the Daily Mail.

He said that Shehbaz Sharif avoided to comment on the news of Daily Mail published against him.

He said assets of the Shehbaz Sharif family rapidly increased up to 70 percent in recent past, adding that the Sharif family laundered money through more than 200 TTs and setup new business in last 10 years.

Shahzad Akbar said flimsy companies were set up by the Sharif Family for money laundering. The companies which were formed in 2015, astonishingly done business of Rs 7 billion.

He claimed of not doing corruption of a single penny are false. “His corruption story includes transformation of billions of rupees through illegal means.”

He also asked 18 questions from the PML-N president through media. He said we have gathered enough proofs against Shehbaz over his financial irregularities.

Shahzad Akbar requested the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to immediately look into the matter of Shehbaz Sharif’s corruption.

He said the looted money of the taxpayers will be brought back to the country