Interior Minister will brief NCOC on Eid ul Azha to finalise the management plans. The forum will be briefed on Mandis, sacrificial facilities and precautions. Click on the link to see full news on BAADABN TV

*National command & Operation Centre 10 Jul*
عیدالاظحئ پر جامعہ حکمت عملی کو حتمی شکل دینے کے لیے وزیر داخلہ این سی او سی کو بریفنگ دیں گے
مویشی منڈیوں، قربانی کی لیے سہولیات اور احتیاطی تدابیر کے حوالے سے فورم کو بریف کیا جاے گا
مویشی منڈیوں کو شہروں سے باہر رکھنے ، حفاظتی تدابیر خاص کر سماجی رابطوں اور فیس ماسک کے استعمال اور اجتماعی قربانی سے کرونا کے پھیلاؤ کو روکنے میں مدد ملے گی
Total Active COVID CASES in Pakistan 89,449
149,092 People recovered so far across Pakistan.
2751 new cases detected during last 24 hours
75 people lost lives due to covid on 9 Jul
(68 Died in hospital and 7 out of hospital on 9 Jul)
23,255 tests conducted on 9 Jul
Sindh: 9,860
Punjab: 8,055
KP: 2,366
ICT: 2,070
Balochistan: 417
GB: 72
AJK: 415
There is no patient on vent in GB, AJK & Balochistan.
420 vents occupied across Pakistan out of 1568 vents allocated for COVID-19.
A total of 243,599 cases detected so far (AJK 1485, Balochistan 11099, GB 1619, ICT 13829, KP 29406, Punjab 85261, Sindh 100900)
5058 deaths
Sindh: 1677 (35 Died in hospital and 5 out of hospital on 9 Jul)
Punjab: 1972 (16 Died in hospital and 1 out of hospital on 9 Jul)
KP: 1063 (8 Died in hospital and 1out of hospital on 9 Jul)
ICT: 146 (4 Died in hospital on 9 Jul)
Balochistan: 125 (1 died in hospital on 9 Jul)
GB: 34 (3 Died in hospital on 9 Jul)
AJK: 41 (1 died in hospital on 9 Jul)
1,514,858 tests conducted
733 hospitals with covid facilities with 4,565 patients admitted across the country.