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Luna Allah Nebby yeah you will Hispanic Amma no Solu Allah your

Oh Allah, Allah, Allah let the love of the fresh new Quran to get in our very own minds and existence and to bless all of us and enter the minds and lifetime your youngsters immediately after united states, O Allah, O Allah allow us to are of these exactly who based

on the day out-of read due to the fact once again, that is among the photos away from Islam, strangers, whoever simply say salaam in it while the you want to getting you to soul out-of comprehend And you will Alhamdulillah inshallah we hope this particular aid might possibly be one of the biggest while the finest Insha Allah i hope for good environment as well thereon date becoming hoping right here however, any type of it’s, we’ll come in sha Allah and we will thank Allah and you will Allah mentioned either in the new Quran as he took me on study, what do you to definitely clipped below Allah Allah Maha been if or not Allah been reach Quran and that means you can get complete findasianbeauty anvГ¤ndarnamn the 29 times of smooth, and then you can get praise Allah because the Allah features led you what he took me to your research just what he got

upwards, did Allah Adama huddart started while i started to Sharon, and so that you could let you know owing to Allah, my personal hotbar now was about how exactly we let you know thanks and Allah says you to definitely thank-you try planning start immediately after Ramadan with this Salah to consume So ongst the new shakin when you look at the adan in the future to help you an end with all our very own sins forgiven and all sorts of your an effective deeds acknowledged. parece contained in this times ones whoever labels have been protected in the discipline out-of Allah I inquire Allah azza wa jal to accept all of our pm we inquire Allah to simply accept our very own Siyam We query Allah to accept our very own couple of hours we inquire Allah and make all of us of those whom

Oh Allah book all of us and you will guide our pupils after thus Allah Oh Allah build men Dear to help you us and then make Imam dear our very own college students Oh Allah, Oh Allah result in the Quran the fresh spring of our own minds into the the light of your eyes

us Allah and Allah make our very own children in addition to their children once united states ones just who created united states Allah, Allah guide us to the very best of manners having nothing guide besides you and change united states off the poor off ways to own an unkind change away besides you, oh Allah Allah would be to real time as Muslims in order to die as the movements in order to feel resurrected for the righteous in addition to noble companions.

You might be sometimes started to this new karoun or the Corolla has come praise Kuru which sure what are they titled Allah He in order to Allah Akbar Wa Camus Salah

Alhamdulillah right here towards the less than me during the a crude instructions intense hem. Maliki Omid Dean II can Baldwin IACA styling it Dino slid of you to definitely try stomping him? Sloth one to levena And I am perishing to listen to him malai it regarding metal womb past any your model day.

until the guy hauled elk regarding what exactly try brand new container off away from? I experienced you to woman I shall realize Raja hill bring Ida who try

you to definitely we are watching who’ll used subsequent worry into the alpha ID connect point out that Jesus Romania Russia as to why desire Abu sha Allah the Auslan after that on the Kubo shed a few more JioFi as to why

irritate just after now hammer Zakka are dug out on smell I shall be here including towards the Ben do not find it towards the Hayato dunya you to definitely here are two-high room

Alhamdulillah here are certain to get come Allah myself discover Rama no Rahimi Maliki and can me personally Dini yuck and that i will perform exactly what a good Estonian