Captain junaid and 5 soldier shaheed

  1. *NWTD Sec-Datta Khel*
    Subj: *ASO/Datta khel-NWTD*
    Today at about 0830 hrs, tps ex infantry under comd CO went for a jt ASO in gen area Sara Nara/Mama Ziarat/Datta khel/NWTD. A fire exch took place with Unknown miscts during ASO. Resultantly Capt Junaid alongwith 3x Sldrs embraced *Shahadat* and 3x sldrs incl 2 JCOs got inj. 2x ts have also been killed. Area has been cordoned off and more QRFs have been mov to the area. Fire exch/op is still in progress. Details of Shaheed/inj pers as under:-
    Capt Junaid alongwith 3x sldrs *Inj*

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