HAJJ 2019: Minister of Religious affair trying hard to vilify and censure PM Imran Khan. Read full story on Baadban TV Report by Sohail Rana

Hajj is obligatory for the nation but present Minister of Religious affair is trying hard to make PM Imran Khan unsuccessful and to vilify & censure him in any situation.

Minister of Religious affair and his allie secretary Hajj and postage Joint Secretary Hajj, triad of these are working to make 2019 Hajj unsuccessful. Matter of 150 Lac corruption per Hajj has been set.

Minister of religious affair Secretary Hajj Mushtaq, to vend quota of 5000, has collected 5 Arab rupee. Minister of religious affair said Saudi government coerced to make Hajj private, in an interview to private TV.

Minister of Religious affair should be asked that Is Saudi government coerced on corruption of 150 Arab rupee per pilgrim too?

Minister of Religious affair should answer these questions that ex government made Hajj for 2 Lac 84000  and corruption of 50k per pilgrim. Proof evidence of those corruptions have been published in Daily post international and Baadban Magazine.

Present Minister of Hajj has made Hajj from 2 Lac 84000 to 4 Lac PKR How?? If dollar and Ryal rate gets high than its difference will be 30k PKR.

Foreign minister should tell if 30k is added to 2 Lac 84000 than Hajj will cost 3 Lac 16000 and by ending ex government’s corruption of 50k than Hajj will be of 2 Lac 60000 in which Imran Khan can manage the Hajj. But present Minister wants PTI government to drown through deluge.

Minister of Religious affair should tell that what rates of bus per pilgrim has been decided. How much of commission he has taken and how much of it will he be taking.

Similarly, where accomodation for pilgrim’s in Mina and Arafaat has been made and what is the quantity of pilgrims per camp.

Similarly what’s the rate of settlement in Makkah and Madina and what’s the comission decided, and the one that has been made on food. According to Post International and baadban source, within few days PM Imran Khan will meet Saudi Company and will give relief to pilgrims in Hajj because Saudi investors will be aiding per pilgrim in Hajj to 2 Lac 50k. This mafia is working to make Imran Khan unsuccessful.


PM can make important proclamation for pilgrims of Pakistan till 20th of February.