Islamabad (baadban report by Sohail Rana) JUI (F) Azadi March has been already converted into Dharna. Maulana Fazal Ul Rehman after meeting four times with Parvez Alahi still on his demand of PM Imran Khan resignation. PML (N) Nawaz Sharif medical report is fake said by federal minister Ghulam Sarwar today during parliament session. The Governer Punjab also acknowledged his words. According to Baadban analysis the Maulana will give his new plan after Jumma prayer. It can be assumed after Parvaiz Allahi statement to a private TV channel that Maulana Fazal Ul Rehman dharna became successful. During his speech today’s to the people in Maulana’s dharna Maulana raise slogans “Pakistan Army Zindabad” and it seems that Dharna will enter into a new plan after two days. Maulana also asked for more people during his speech today.