Kartarpur : (Baadnan Report by Sohail Rana) Kartarpur corridor has been opened yesterday and on the other side of the border Supreme Court of India has given the discussion of Babri Mosque. Grunanak was born in 1550 and Babri Mosque was build in the 1527, At this moment when Kartarpur border has been opened such deed by India is to fuel up a quarrel with 2 billions Muslims of world. On weekend the decision of Babri Mosque to convert it into Ram mandir is an example that when swords become useless they can be used to dance. Furthermore, the foreign minister of Pakistan shamelessly when asked Manmohan Singh about the tea which her wife served him in 1991 while her wife denied to have a such moment and said when this happened I don’t remember. While Pakistan has made a huge complex at Kartarpur same like in Makkah. It is clear now that what we did for 20 million Sikhs and in return what India did for 2 billions of Muslims. If we look at the history of Grunanak he consider Islam as right religion. Baba Grunanak also did Hajj once that is the reason he was buried in both Muslim’s and Sikhs ways. It’s questionable that Such one sided acts between India and Pakistan never happened in any other counties of world and Sindhu’s speech over there is also itself a question.