Mahathir Mohamad receives red carpet welcome in Pakistan. Mahathir was accorded 21-gun-salute upon his arrival in Pakistan. Click on the link to see full news on Baadvan TV Report by Sohail Rana

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhamad arrived in Islamabad on three-day official visit to Pakistan.

The Malaysian Prime Minister will be accompanied by a high-level delegation including several leading businessmen

He’s the person who took Malaysia from zero to one of the top country in the world. 59 years old Mahathir Muhammad said PM Imran Khan ‘ In Pakistan there can’t be done any investment as per Malaysian Agency report which says investors are afraid of loss’

‘Except PM Imran Khan there’s no such person who can shield any investor. Within 6 to 7 months Pak image gets better but that atmosphere couldn’t be made for investors.’

On the other side, Mahathir has shown willingness on Pak Army and items used in tank’s and POF & JI thunder. He advised PM Imran Khan to focus on economy.

During his stay, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad will be the Guest of Honour at the Pakistan Day Parade on 23rd March.