Neither I’ll give NRO nor will I leave the corrupts: PM Imran Khan. Bilawal Bhutto is not Mister but Mrs, in the session what did PM said, Click on the link to see full news on BAADBAN TV

PM Imran lashes out at Bilawal in Waziristan, calls him ‘sahiba

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday vehemently criticised Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in a public gathering on Wednesday, and ostensibly due to slip of the tongue called him, ‘Sahiba’ (Miss).

“I didn’t take authority on a chit just like Bilawal Sahiba. My aim is to defeat corrupt people and give progress to the country,” he said, “in the name of saving democracy all corrupt people have united. But the nation should be rest assured I will fight them alone.”

The premier said that till he is alive no looter will receive a pardon or an NRO.

‘Maulana Fazl sells himself for a Kashmir committee, diesel permit’

PM Imran also criticised Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman in his address by putting his financial credibility in question.

The premier said that the JUI-F chief sells himself cheap to the incumbent governments. “A Kashmir Committee and diesel permit is his price,” he said.

PM backs Jirga system

The premier said that the local Jirga system in the tribal areas gives cheap and instant justice to the people, adding that pre 9/11 there were no crimes in the area as people used to get cheap justice.

“Tribal people have vest municipal system. In Jirgah the village decides for itself, they don’t have to go anywhere but after the merger, the tribal people will face difficulties they will have to hire lawyers and spend money,” he said.

PM Imran said that he is bringing reforms in other areas of the country in light of the modulation of the Jirgah system. “We are trying to bring Jirgah system in the police stations to ensure instant justice.”