Police ‘brutality’ in Sahiwal triggers outcry on social media

SAHIWAL- Punjab Inspector General on Saturday formed c Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the alleged encounter of Counter Terrorism Department (CTS) in Sahiwal that killed at least four persons including two women.

The victim’s children, however, contradicted the statement, saying the fatalities included their parents, elder sister and driver and that they were travelling to Boriwala to attend a wedding.

Watch the video below to see how police changed the wedding house to mourn and sorrows


The injured boy Umair, who appears to be around 10-years-old and can be seen with a gunshot wound in his leg, while speaking to baadban news identified the deceased as his parents, teenage sister and his father’s “friend” who was driving the car to Burewala.

“بیٹا! یہ نشانات کیسے؟ آؤ منہ دُھلا دوں؟ “. نرس
“کوئی بات نہیں آپی! یہ مما کے خون کے چھینٹے ہی ہیں۔”
بچ جانے والا “عمیر خلیل بادبان رپورٹ

According to PM Imran Khan (2016) : Police is misapprehended, there is no mistake of them  they’ve been given orders.

So now who gave them orders, Ministers or Prime Minister?

Watch the video below showing how police shooted family members in Sahiwal going to a wedding in Boriwala, labelling them terrorists. #blackday

This is a brutal murder of innocent people in Sahiwal. CM Punjab must order to arrest CTD officials otherwise he may pay the ultimate price of this brutality