Pro-Israel statements made by Pervaiz Musharaf in Press conference

Ex PM Pervaiz Musharaf press conference

He made disparate debate on Israel. What did Ex President Pervaiz Musharaf had to say? Do he want to come back if he did; than it will cause difficulty for the present government.

During a press conference, Musharraf hinted at making relations with Israel to counter India. Mentioning his initiatives for making contacts with Israeli leadership with the help of Turkey in 2005, the former army chief said that Israeli leadership had responded within 24 hours of his meeting’s offer. He assumed that Israel wants to create better relations with Pakistan.

Speaking with the media in Dubai almost after nine months, the former president said with a smiling face that almost half of his cabinet ministers including law minister and attorney general are in the current government’s cabinet. Although, he said that he would not expect from them to plead his cases.