Problems with Saudi Arabia (Sohail Rana report)

Problems with Saudi Arabia:

        Human Rights organizations spoke up on humiliating behavior of Saudi government against human right activists. Saudi Arabia expelled the Canadian ambassador and recalled its own following the Canadian government’s call to immediately release the human right activists. Saudi government asked its students, studying in Canada, to leave Canada.

Canada stated that Saudi government is promoting terrorism. Saudi Arabia is near to bank bankruptcy.

In Yemen, Saudi forces are facing dozens of causalities and the government is facing loss of 2 billion Riyals every month.

Conflict with Iran can turn into war any time. Malaysia called its forces back saying that it will not be part of any force against any Muslim country. Today the chief justice of Pakistan called Raheel Sharif back to Pakistan. Coming Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan said that Pakistan will not be part of any adventure between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

All main stream parties of Pakistan, including PML(N), PPP and PTI have distanced them from the Iran, Saudi conflict. Only people like Molana Fazal-ur-Rehman, who got defeated in elections, are with Saudi Arebia.

Saudi government has deported 300,000 Pakistani labors, and those who are working there are facing difficulties.

Current Saudi ambassador Mr. Nawaf Saeed Ahmad Al-Maliki in Pakistan is not watching the interests of Saudi Arebia. He has no good relations with Pakistani political parties. He only wants to develop his relations with banned organizations. Because of these reasons Saudi Arabia is becoming lonely in Islamic world.

The ambassador has the power to issue the courtesy visa “Mujamla visa” to express good will gesture. But 150 “Mujamla visa” reportedly sold to a private company (Sonery enterprises). This act of the ambassador has compromised the integrity of the embassy.


Sohail Rana



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