See Details of Firing incident at routine Army mobile CP in Westridge, Marble Factory Area.

Baadban Report: Firing incident in Marble factory area Westridge, Rwp:-
about 0845 hrs 8 SR has established a routine mobile CP at the a/m loc. Army No 3490416 Sep Muhammad Usman of 8 SR stopped a Rickshaw and asked the dvr and a civ passenger for their IDs. Meanwhile, another civilian from a nearby shop came to CP to info the solider that Rickshaw driver is known to him and it is his routine route. During this conversation an armed assailant came from nearby railway track and opened burst of SMG on the Rickshaw and fled away on a bike with his another accomplice who was driving the bike. Resultantly, Sep Usman and Civ Sajjad got critically injured and were evac to PEMH Rwp where they scumbbed to injuries. LEAs have cordoned off the area and searching for the culprits.