Senate Session delayed, decision of CM Senate’s fate will be on 1st of August. Click on the link to see full news on BAADBAN TV

Chairman SenateSadiq Sanjrani on Tuesday in a ruling disallowed opposition from moving a resolution for his removal stating it could not be taken up in a requisitioned session.

While referring to his ruling during the Senate session, he also observed that the resolution for removal of Chairman or Deputy Chairman Senate could be moved only during an ongoing session.

The chairman Senate stated in his ruling that the post of Chairman Senate and Deputy Chairman Senate would become vacant under article 61 and paragraph (G) of clause (7) of article 53 of the constitution and for it a seven day notice would be given after its approval by majority members of the Senate.

According to sub rule (1) of rule 12 of Senate, one fourth of the total members of the Senate could give a notice in writing to Secretary Senate for leave to move a resolution for removal of Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate.

Sanjrani quoted a previous ruling of chair on February 10, 2016 and rule 12 section (1) and (2) of Senate, according to which the session could not be requisitioned to grant leave to move a resolution to remove Chairman and Deputy Chairman Senate.