SPECIAL SUNDAY REPORT: Imran Khan has became the strongest Prime Minister after Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. In the coming week, after replacement of one more important personality, Imran Khan will make such decisions that will be beneficial for the country. Few days back establishment division has approved such summaries from PM in which like army, there is brief of posting, transfer, promotions and selection of best officers. Click on the link to see full news on BAADBAN TV

According to BAADBAN TV, Report Sohail Rana, any female CSP Officer can not do employment in her own province for first three years. While male officer can not do employment in his province for five years. When Grade 19 officer is promoted, he’ll do employment of two years. After promotion, Grade 20 officer will do employment in the other province for two years, same is for Grade 21 officer.

That officer who’ll supercede two times will be honored with Letter of Thanks. In one’s own grade it is necessary to get two outstanding reports, any officer who’ll not take, will not be promoted. These are such rule of buisness which are equivalent to death for beguile. Every officer in manner of army, will do command and desk job in grade 18,19 & 20. According to Baadban and Daily Post International report, for reducing corruption and those officers getting posting over political pressure shall be condemned.